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For Working at the Computer and More ...

Reduces eye, neck and back strain


PropEyes is a novel device specifically made for those who work at a computer and wear progressive lens eyeglasses. The intermediate/reading zone in progressives (i.e., near vision) is at the bottom of the lens. When viewing a computer monitor, the user must tilt his/her neck awkwardly back to view through the bottom of the lens.


The PropEyes is a simple, small, lightweight and convenient wearable eyeglass accessory that allows a viewer to look straight out the near zone of the lens, which brings the monitor into focus without the need for neck tilting.  The result is reduced neck and back strain during computer work.  



The basic PropEyes comes in two sizes: a standard height and a tall to accommodate different sizes and shapes of eye glasses.


Magnetic Accessories 

Keep your PropEyes safe and handy with magnetic accessories. Use magnet to affix to computer for safe keeping.


Warning:  Includes powerful magnets. Please consult your physician if you have a pacemaker or defibrillator.

Magnetic PropEyes 2-Pack

    • Made of transparent, medical grade plastic.
    • Neodymium N52 rare-earth magnets.
    • Weight: Regular magnetic PropEyes 0.45 grams, Tall magnetic PropEyes 0.55 grams
    • Care and Cleaning: Use soap and warm water to clean.
    • What's in the box: 2 plastic magnetic PropEyes of the same size, 1 computer magnet & glue dot, instructions. 
  • The magnetic PropEyes comes with 1 magnet and a glue dot. The glue dot and magnet attach to a computer or workstation keeping your magnetic PropEyes convenient and handy.


    If you want to wear your magnetic PropEyes, please purchase the additional shirt magnets for PropEyes found here and follow instructions for use.

    Shirt Magnets: