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Need to tilt your head uncomfortably when working at the computer?

Need to alter the viewing distance or position of the computer screen?

Experience neck or shoulder pain after working at the computer?

For Progressive Lens Wearers at the Computer


How the PropEyes Works

The wearer repositions  the reading zone on their face with the PropEyes bringing the object into the line-of-sight and keeping their neck in a neutral position.

Progressive Lenses + Computers = Neck Pain

Sit straight and pain free with PropEyes for spectacles.

PropEyes is a novel device specifically made for those who work at a computer and wear progressive lens eyeglasses.

Reduce Neck, Back and Eye Strain

The PropEyes repositions the reading zone of the eyeglass, bringing the object into your line of sight, reducing the need to tilt your head to see the computer screen.

No need to carry an extra pair of eyeglasses

The PropEyes is a small, lightweight, portable eyeglass accessory and is easy-to-use. 

The wearer tilts head at an uncomfortable angle to peer through the reading zone causing neck and back strain. 



Reduce neck tilt with PropEyes
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